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Phones for Hard of Hearing

Here you will learn about phones for hard of hearing.

We will provide you with information on the different types of phones available today for persons that are hearing impaired.

You will also learn about the very popular and helpful big button cordless phone.

You will also find suppliers here that offer top rated hearing impaired phones at great prices.  We invite you to take a look at each and compare prices for yourself.

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If you have challenges with hearing you no doubt have trouble hearing on the phone also.  What you will find here are phones for hard of hearing that are designed to help you.

Using these phones you will be able to see the buttons better, hear the ring with more ease and the caller will be louder and clearer than normal phones.

With more than 50 million hard of hearing and deaf people all over the world, its no wonder why assistive technologies such as cheap hearing aids and phones for hard of hearing have been designed. Today hearing loss is on the rise not only due to genetic predisposition but also due to excessive noise at work, playing in a band, going to rock concerts, or playing excessively loud music with or without using earphones.

This means that the demographic of those suffering from hearing impairment for whatever reason now manifests from the younger twenty something generation going up. The numbers have spoken and the leading designers of phones, mobile or otherwise have responded with phones for hard of hearing.

Text Telephones (TTY) which is also known as Telecommunications Device for the Deaf allow those who developed hearing problems the ability to talk to those who can hear. It makes those with hearing problems independent and allows them to be efficient in their work or business.

A TTY looks like a small typewriter and can be used with a telephone or as a replacement to a telephone. The sender types in the message, the receiver then sees the message displayed on a screen or printout if the TTY has this option.

Some TTY phones for hard of hearing has the following functionality for better ease of use: paper printer, direct connect feature which allows for direct dialing using the TTY keyboard, and automatic answering machine.

Since more features mean more expensive devices, the user can get by with a model having minimal functionality, that of a LED display.

Telephone Relay Service is for those who do not own a TTY or TDD unit. Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, those who have hard of hearing are able to communicate with those who can hear with the use of phones.



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This is a free service that is available 24/7 and it handles voice to TTY and vice versa types of calls. To use this, the caller either uses a TTY or an ordinary phone to call a TRS service then relays his message to the communication assistant, the message is then routed by the assistant to the recipient of the message.

To illustrate: If the caller is a hearing person, the communication assistant transcribes his message and the receiver will see it as a text message on his TTY screen. When the receiver types in his response, the communication assistant relays the message by reading it to the person on the other end.

Hearing Aid Compatible Phones are phones designed to be used by those using hearing aids or those who have cochlear implants. Phones especially cell phones these days have to comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements that these phones should have: less static and interference but have better coil connections.

A coil or telecoil is a small device that is built into some hearing aids so that it can be used with a telephone and it works by picking up magnetic fields that phones generate and converts these to sound. This device is also responsible for reducing background noise in noisy places and it also reduces the feedback produced by a hearing aid as the volume is turned up.

To be able to determine if your phone is hearing aid compatible, look for the following on the label, M3, M4 T4, or T3.

Captioned Telephones are phones for hard of hearing which works just like an ordinary telephone, the caller dials the recipient’s number and they talk. The catch is this phone uses technology that enables it to translate a spoken message into text so that those with some degree of hearing loss can still communicate with the hearing person by listening to the caller and reading those parts of the conversation he can't hear.

Aside from those with a degree of hearing loss, this phone also benefits those who have hearing aids because using hearing aids with phones causes discomfort to the user in the form of feedback. In addition to that those who experienced loss of hearing at a later time but can speak clearly can benefit with the use of this phone.

Those who have problems hearing should also be careful in purchasing phones for hard of hearing. Try out different phones for hard of hearing before settling on one phone so do remember that this product must have to assist you effectively for you to be able to communicate with the hearing world efficiently.

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