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Big Button Cordless Phone

A Big Button Cordless Phone can be a big help to the elderly and those that are sight impaired.
What you will find here are various styles of the Big Button Cordless Phone that are offered at great prices.

We also have suppliers here of the Big Button Cordless Phone that are worth taking a look at.

Elderly and those who have are suffering from mild hearing loss will certainly feel functional again when it come to phone conversations due to the big button cordless phone. Many individuals who start developing hearing or eye problems also tend to lose their self confidence because their situation is not what they are used to.

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Some of those who have hearing or eyesight problems even start avoiding or making phone calls because they have difficulty hearing and understanding the caller or they want to avoid embarrassing themselves for dialing a wrong number.

These individuals should know that in today's modern society there are specially designed Phones for Hard of Hearing and for the sight impaired that are targeted towards this population. One such phone is the big button cordless phone.

How the Big Button Cordless Phone Works

A big button cordless phone is a type of amplified phone which makes it possible for the hard of hearing to hear their phone ringing and hear conversations over the phone too.

Its first function is to increase or amplify the sound capacity of the phone so that conversations can be heard; some depending on make and model are able to boost tones up to 50 decibels more than the normal sound that normal ears can tolerate.

Its second function is to ensure that the sound has clarity because really it's not enough that a user can hear sounds, he should be able to understand the significance of the sound too. 

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Another great thing about this phone is that it has really loud ringers to ensure that you would never miss a phone call again moreover the ringers often come with visual indicators such as the phone lighting up when there is a call.

Still another advantage is big buttons make for easy dialing ensuring that the user is pushing the correct numbers. Cordless are even better because they enable the user to move about the house without interrupting the conversation. Perhaps the greatest benefit there is to this kind of phone is the fact that family members, relatives, and friends can still keep up with each other.

However, why would an elderly or a person hard of hearing would opt to use the big button cordless phone instead of using a hearing aid? Well, for some of these individuals, they feel that their hearing loss is still mild and is only noticeable when they are using an ordinary phone or it could be that they feel self-conscious about hearing aids or lastly, maybe they still could not accept their situation.

In choosing hearing impaired phones the would-be user should be aware of his needs. For example, if the user has hearing problems, stiff fingers, as well as eyesight problems then he could opt for a phone that has the following functions: can be gripped easily, hearing aid compatible, has 1-touch memory buttons, has incoming calls light indicator, large screens with large text, extra loud ringers and volume, and hands free function.

The would-be buyer should note that not all styles of the big button cordless phone have those features so he should better think over which functions he will prioritize.

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