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Top Rated Hearing Impaired Phones

When looking to buy phones for hard of hearing the user should only opt for those that are top rated and high quality. Basically the phone should have the following functions: clarity, adjustability, hearing-aid compatibility, and is able to block out background noise. All the other functions are a plus.

The technology of hearing impaired phones has improves so much in recent years that now there these phones have extra features for ease of use and for making the life of the user easier. Some such features are: additional handsets for cordless phones, long-term battery use, one-touch dialing, and digital phone book.

A very popular designed often found on these phones is that they will have big over sized buttons that are easy to see and use.  The big button cordless phone can be very helpful for seniors and even those persons with large fingers and those with dexterity challenges.

To help the would-be user out the next sections will present 3 Top Rated hearing impaired phones and their features. 

If you are interested in learning more about any of these phones, just click on the picture and you will be taken to, where you can read more about the phone and see reviews by people that have bought these phones for hard of hearing.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE:  GE 29568GE1 Dect 6.0 Corded Big Button Phone for Mild Hearing Loss (White)

GE Corded Big Button PhoneThis phone is perfect for those who have mild hearing or eyesight problems.

It has not one but two large light indicators that blink when there are incoming calls or voicemail, thus more opportunities for the user to pick up his phone moreover the size of the indicators allow the user to see them blinking even when he is at a considerable distance.

There is no need for the user to remove his hearing-aid since this phone is designed as hearing-aid compatible. Aside from being cordless, it comes with a belt clip so that enables the user to wear the handset around his waist as he walks about the house.

The phone has separate controls for adjusting ringer and handset volume plus the handset can emit sound for the user to easily find it in case the user misplaced it. Another great feature is that the keypad is backlit which makes the numbers easy to see and has large buttons which makes it easy to dial.

The phone is able to track recent calls and stores them in its 30-station caller ID and with the touch of a button a recent call can be returned. Another great feature is its capacity to store 10 frequently dialed numbers and an emergency number one-touch dial.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE:  GE-29115AE1 (General Electric DECT6.0 Expandable Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine)

GE Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine This is a hearing-aid compatible phone that comes with a digital answering system that has a message playback which can be slowed down for greater clarity. It uses a digitally enhanced cordless technology or DECT that allows it to avoid interference from the electronic appliance found in the user's home plus it can be expanded to 4 handsets.

Other features are Caller ID and call waiting caller ID and has a speakerphone allowing the user to communicate hands free. Its volume can be amplified up to 4 decibels allowing the user to amplify the volume of a call for their specific needs.

Available call indicators are: an extra loud ringer at 95 decibels, a vibrating handset, and an enhanced visual ringer on the handset itself. For greater readability, the LCD is backlit and the numbers you dial are enlarged as well. The keypad is backlit, has large buttons, and allows the user to hear numbers being dialed so that even in dim lighting, it's easier to dial.


CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE:  Clarity Amplified Corded Big-Button Telephone with Clarity Power Technology (XL40)

Clarity Amplified Big Button Telephone Its one of those hearing impaired phones that has a powerful amplifier that allows for increasing the sound to 43 decibels.

The ringer is extra loud at 95 decibels also it has a visual ring indicator.

It is also hearing aid compatible and has 12 one-touch speed dials that can be programmed.

It has a visual indicator for incoming calls, missed calls, and voicemail. Also it has large keypad buttons for easy dialing.